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Whether encouraging homeless shelter residents or Fortune 500 company professionals, Troy is one of the most engaging and memorable speakers your group may hear. CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT! While he sprinkles relatable humor into all speeches, the crux of Troy's message provides never-before-heard wisdom and current event truth for each occasion. To elevate your special event, organization, webinar, church, or group in an inspirational yet budget-friendly manner that rockets instant growth of your people is Troy's personal goal.

  • ​Business organization, political group, or ticketed event, please, contact Susan  for booking, 800.607.2535.
  • Faith-based or charitable organizations, churches, or colleges, please contact Troy's Rapid Response Team.
    • ​​Speaker Topics: God's purpose for hardship, A Christian's role in politics, America's Christian foundation, Salvation and relationship with God, 2nd chance God, Spirit-led revival, God can do it anywhere, Listening to your life, Failure's purpose, God at His best, The new Jesus
  • Master Sales Training for a group  or individual, please contact Troy's Rapid Response Team.
  • Executive-level consultationyou may request a meet with Troy.

Book Signing

To schedule / host a book signing event with Dr. Troy Clark, please contact Rapid Response Team.

  • Book signing may include: Q&A Session, book segment read by Troy, specific book discourse, advertisement of your event on, endorsement opportunity.
  • ​Troy enjoys book signing events at bookstores, colleges, churches, businesses, book fairs, retailer gatherings,  leadership summits, conventions, and cruises.