What you eat and drink determines whether you are healthy or sick. 
Positively taking control of your life can be as simple as healthy dietary options. Sound decision making leads to a healthy, happy lifestyle and charts a new course for your future existence.You are not your feelings. You are your choices. Combat emotions to truth. Literally, you are what you eat. Healthy food + healthy drink = a healthier body. Choosing better means feeling better to live better. Are the foods you consume daily destroying you from within?
I am a follower of the
 Genesis 1:29 "living foods" diet. Without consuming organic living foods alive with cell-building nutrients, your body cannot operate properly nor maximize its energy potential running on faulty food-fuel. Optimize your body's self-healing defense (immune) system by wisely monitoring your diet. (Proverbs 23:6-7
May the following "Health Tips" benefit your personal goals to improve your life by improving yourself.

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