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Troy Clark is an international author and keynote speaker.

An identical twin, Troy served in gospel ministry from the age of 10 to later sustain a catastrophic life reversal litigated in 2002  (read Failure Is Not The Final Chapter). 

Facing "impossible" odds, Troy's personal growth led to being an awarded National Top Producer in the insurance industry and a premiere Master Sales Trainer (read How YOU Can MASTER Final Expense), while earning Masters and PhD degrees.

Troy now enjoys authorship of a growing number of publications as well as professional speaking

Those who hear him say that Troy is a genuine motivator who will pick you up and take you farther than you ever dreamed. He's a balanced man of faith, vision, and patriotism, with a passion to see others succeed. Troy possess a rare talent, while building a successful career, he also builds “successful people”, who become winners in life themselves.

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